Monday, May 23, 2016

We Were Able To Help Get A Few Less Actives We Are Working With Get To Church Again. It Was Awesome To See Them There!

hey everyone!!  

This was another great week! It was a really weird one though. We weren't able to get into very many lessons, so we spent a lot of time finding people. And when you do a lot of finding, that means a lot of little miracles, and even more weird experiences. Just thinking about it, of the funniest ones happened but i was so confused at the time.  We were walking around this Mexican looking trailer park. We were just walking around talking to everyone that was outside and knocking some doors. There was this Hispanic lady that i think finished smoking and was going inside when we stopped her. I was talking to her and she was kinda slowly going inside so i asked her if we could give her a card. She said "Si  ahorita" and the translation is pretty much "yes right now". so i was just kinda like ok, took a step and held out the card. and she said it again, then again. i was so confused! i just kinda looked back at Elder Tirado and he was just laughing. But i finally got the card to her. She said she didnt live here and she asked someone inside if they wanted to come talk. We could hear them say no they are Mormons and we are Catholics, tell them to go away. the lady looked at us and was like, They are busy right now. So we left and i finally figured out what "si ahorita" means! In mexico it is, ya wait just a little. so i was kinda forcing her to take it, is what it would have seemed like! so we got a good laugh of that after. But now i know! 

 We had a Exchanges with the Zone Leaders this last week. One of the focuses was to get out of the car and walk. When it is close enough, to always walk. We were able to see that work for us. sometimes we are to focused to get to where we had planned to be that we end up just passing people we could talk to.  It didn't get us a ton of new investigators or tons of lessons, but it help us talk to a lot more people and we were able to share a lot more then we would have if we were just driving past all of them. It was really cool. There was a lot of focus on talking to everyone this week. There were for sure days that were better than others. Days that we had more of a desire to talk to people and more of a faith to do it as well. but it did just get better and better and we are talking to more and more people. We had a lesson on exchanges with L-- again. It was a humbling time for me. I dont know if i was thinking that i could just do it by my self or if i didn't plan like i should have or wasn't concentrating to always having the spirit with me, or whatever else it might of been, but it just didn't work! The lesson was all over and at times it was hard to know what to teach about. we ended up reading in the Book of Mormon and she has a desire to really find out if the Book of Mormon is true. So that was awesome. But after that lesson just thinking back i was humbled. I know now more than before that if i dont receive the spirit, i wont teach. like it teaches in D&C. I didnt really want to have to gain that testimony in the way that i did. But i do have it now and that will help me to take better care of everyone that we will be teaching.

This week at church we weren't able to have any investigators come with us. M-- and his family were busy this week so we werent able to have a lesson and work kept them from church. But, we were able to help get a few less actives we are working with get to church again! it was awesome to see them there. They both brought their families also. One lady we are working with, E-- and her husband M--. she came to church. He said he would come if he didnt have to work. so when he wasnt there we were just like well thats to bad. Then when we were talking to E--, she was just like, ya he is at home. We have a lesson to day so we will have to give him a hard time. Well maybe we wont do that. we will have to see.  Hermana R-- also came with her whole family!! she is so awesome. It was good to see her at church. it was an awesome day. 

It sounds like things back at home are still going good and still always going to be crazy! its good to hear that soccer is still running strong in the family. it always will because it is the best sport. We actually got to play actually soccer at the park last preparation day! it was a ton of fun. One thing i learned is i am way out of shape!  well, everyone else there is too. It was like 20 minutes in and we already moved the tires in closer as the goals so we didnt have to run as much. It was a lot of fun. hopefully Ali got a good Grade on the Trebuchet that i made! when i did it it landed less then half of an inch off my mark, so if you messed it up, well good job. haha i hope you have a great week everyone!!  i love you all!

Elder Mortensen

PS it was really weird to see me at home. it threw me off. but i do have a picture!! just like you asked, a selfie, during study!

Josh at Home!!!!!  We had a life-size cut out 
made for his brothers wedding in two weeks!

Studying Selfie!

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