Monday, May 9, 2016

There Is A Time Where You Have To Just Square Your Shoulders And Climb The Wall. There Is No Other Way Out


This was such a cool week! It started off not in the way i would have wanted, but it was really good. We had a tiny ding in the car door from someone in the church parking lot, and this week we had to go drop it off at the Auto Body shop. That was Tuesday morning. so we walked home the 2 miles and we started our studies. We live in the middle of a few main roads and not very close to the houses so we did a lot of walking. That first day we figured it was around 10 miles. one of the goals that we set during the last weekly planning was to make sure that we TALK TO EVERYONE!  so then when we hear that we would be walking it became even more important. If we are walking around and we are not talking to everyone, we are just walking around trying to be miserable. Especially this day! It got up to 95 degrees!! But there is a talk we were reading from that morning in our companionship study. It was talking about all of our struggles that we go through. It said there is a time where you have to just square your shoulders and climb the wall. There is no other way out. So we took that advice, kinda in a literal way. When we would see someone out side, after that first step of faith to turn, square your shoulders and just walk to them, that is when we were able to see the Lord give us the strength that we need to do these hard things. We didnt see a lot of miracles come directly from this, but you dont that often. The hidden miracle is that the spirit is promised to be with us. And you can feel it!! it feels good when we talk to everyone! because we know it is what we have been asked, by Christ, to do. We walked Wednesday also. It was a really nice day it was like 80 degrees with a breeze. So we knew that it HAD to change. You cant have good weather when you plan to be walking the whole day! it never works like that. We were in the middle of Walla Walla and saw a storm coming. It was a little past 8 when it hit. It came so fast!! it was good weather then it got super windy! we were walking and there were branches breaking off and flying everywhere! There was one in the road so i started to walk to it so i could pull it off, but it just blew off and when we were watching that a big branch came flying from across the street and landed just in front of us. Then it started raining. It was like 3 minutes and we were soaked! so we ran across the street and went into a store. the first two things that people said to us were wow, you look like you jumped into a lake! and the worker was like, you should have been listening to the radio, there was a storm warning since this morning. then he walked away. I was just like wow! really! thats what you decide to say to us. We knew it was coming but we couldnt do anything else. The guy that told us it looked like we jumped into a lake ended up giving us a ride home. We got in his car and it smelled like weed and his music was super loud. so that was fun! he luckily turned the music down and he really was a super nice guy. It was a great few days. well there is my story that got really long! but that is missionary work if you were wondering!

The week ended great. M--, L-- and M-- and their two kids all came to church and loved it. We went over to their house and taught the plan of salvation, well part of it, M-- talks a lot. They are so cool they did read a little in the Book of Mormon since last time so that was good. The best part was talking to my crazy family!! It was a lot of fun! It was great to hear how you were all doing and that you all like to make fun of me gaining weight. but dad like you say, it happens to the best of us! this is that scripture that i wanted to share but didnt have my bible. its is Proverbs 28:25.  it made me happy when i found it the first time. it says  He that is of a proud heart stirreth up stife: but he that putteth his trust in the Lord shall be made fat.  so at least i am doing this whole mission thing right!!  Thanks for making this week the best! i love you all so much! i hope you all have an amazing week!!

Elder Mortensen

PS sorry no pictures. hey but you took some picture yesterday of me so what more could you ask for?? ... probably just pictures still. i will be better in the future!! 

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