Monday, May 30, 2016

We Always Do A Lot of Work But There Is Always A Little More That You Can Do


how is it going!  This was a cool week! At the first of the week we had a goal to try to have a lesson everyday. We were really making sure that we put in all the work that was going to be needed to do that. We always do a lot of work but there is always a little more that you can do.  We for sure saw that as we expected the lessons to come and as we were willing to put work in, that we were able to get into more peoples houses and teach them. One thing that i have been helping Elder Tirado out with is being bold to just ask to come into peoples houses. Just talking for a little and asking if they would like you learn and if we can come in. Its been going good. As we were able to teach more this week it made me realize a lot more, how i need to become a better teacher!  As i was studying in Preach My Gospel, the teaching skills chapter is going to be my best friend this week. I have had a little time to read over a little. it was really helpful to let me know what we need to be doing to become better teachers. One thing that stood out most was how he says that a lot of their understanding relies on if we are worthy to share with the spirit. It has been more on my mind to make sure i am doing all i can to keep the spirit with me and gain more and more power as the days go on. It teaches us that all we do in missionary work is to help us become Christ-like teachers. That is for sure the next thing that i am working on this week. We were able to find a few new investigators and had good lessons just about everyday. It was awesome. 

It was to bad this week we weren't able to have any investigators come to church. M--'s wife L-- was in the hospital, for her appendix, so they didn't come this week.  It was a cool experience to be able to teach them what a blessing is and to give her one in the Hospital for her recovery. She is doing really good.  We had a dinner with them earlier in the week. They asked if we wanted the hearts with the rice or not. I was just like ya sure thats fine. I was expecting two or three of them. There was like 10 at least! it was just a big pile!  it was good, it just surprised me and was a little weird to eat so many. But i was full after the meal, so i cant complain to much.

Thanks for the letter there is always a lot to learn from reading them every week.  Thats cool that Jaxsen is going to do mountain biking. Jaxsen will for sure have to show me up and teach me a little when i come home.  It is weird to think that you are all out of school already! Also that it was a year ago that i finished. But its alright, summer is always the best! especially on the mission! I never thought how nicer people are at 9 because its still light. It was like 6 in the winter and people would yell at us and tell us it was too late, just because it was dark. So i will be having a great time also!

I hope and pray everything continues to go great back at home! it is exciting to thing that the wedding is this week!! that is so exciting. i hope it all goes great! Have a great week!! i love you all!

Elder Mortensen

A Surprise Picture from a Member in Walla Walla
(Thanks Sister Mullen)

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