Monday, April 4, 2016

There Were So Many Answers In So Many Talks


It was a great week!!  Conference was for sure the highlight of it. It was such an amazing experience. Its also nice because its one of the few rest days you get as a missionary. I went into conference with the question of how i can help others strengthen their faith to rely more on God. There were so many answers in so many different talks.  One of the biggest answers was in Elder Bednars talk. When he said it i was just like, wow. it was Exactly some of the things i was looking for. He was talking about being baptized, receiving the gift of the holy ghost, and partaking of the sacrament worthily. He taught that we will always be able to receive a remission of our sins. He said that this will strengthen our faith. He talked about King Benjamin and how the people felt as if they were nothing, seeing themselves of less worth then any part of the earth. As they received a remission of their sins, they had so much joy and only wanted to do good. It teaches that as the spirit comes, even after we know we arent much without the help of the lord, we can know that we are forgiven and the lord is there to help.  It was a answer to that prayer. One of my favorite talks was President Utchdorf's in the Priesthood session! He talked a lot about things that i was always thought of and even more while on a mission. He taught about charity and pride. He says that "the enemy of charity is pride. pride is the defining characteristic of sin, and charity is the pure love of Christ. Charity never faileth, and pride always faileth"  It was one of my favorite talks. I love the idea of charity. its hard to always have but it is something that we all need to always be working towards.  i also thought that Elder Hollands was really good too. Just how the spirit that we have felt can carry with us. There are many things we have learned that we want to do better. But just take it one at a time. It was funny. At dinner that night this family is crazy and we call them the Zoo, but they are funny. They showed us a meme of elder Holland. It was just a picture of him It said something like, I dont always give the best talk, oh wait, yes i do! we got a good laugh. i am sure you will see it eventually if you haven't.

We weren't able to have any of our investigators come to conference. The E-- family was going to come but the mom was sick. We have a lot of hope for them still. They are doing good still. They are even sharing what we have shared with them. They gave us a referral that wants us to come and talk with them too! so that was awesome to hear. We watched conference at the church. it was the missionaries and a high councilor at all the sessions other then the last one a family came. It was funny. in between  session Saturday the Sisters brought us pizza and salad and some other little things so we just ate there and had a good time. The next day we said we would feed them. so we got together all we could. We had chicken, salad and potatoes! it was great. some members also gave us doughnuts. We tried to find something to marinate the chicken with so after trying a few things we finally found something that tasted good. Between vinegar a bunch of random spices. The sisters even said that it was really good! so that was kinda lucky. It was a fun week.

We did teach the E--'s again. They are still reading and ask really good questions. We can tell they still want this. They are moving kinda slow, but thats how some people need to. other than that we didnt have to much going on this week. We do a lot of walking around and knocking doors, but the spanish work is still slow. But we do all we can so thats really all that matters. It was a good week. It makes it better to walk around when it is like 80.

everything back at home looks fun! especially April Fools day! We didnt do anything because, well we kinda forgot about it for half the day, thats just how it happens i guess. But it was still a good day! i hope you all loved conference and were able to learn a lot and will continue to learn a lot. i love you all!!

Elder Mortensen

This was us trying to fix up the chicken Saturday night. 

The best preparation day activity. There is at a members house. 
His yard is a 9 hole golf course!  Its a ton of fun!

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