Monday, March 28, 2016

He Said...No Matter What You Do, Go Work Hard And Just Be Yourself


This was a great Easter week! it was pretty normal. Lots of walking around and knocking doors and trying to talk to everyone. We didn't see a lot of success this week in all of that, but we don't always do it to have success. Sometimes its just to show the faith that you have. and use the time you don't have anything to do, the most effective as you can. In a missionary Broadcast they shared that its the members work to find and ours is to teach. but when we don't have people to teach, we get to find. These last few weeks all the members haven't had time to help us out. They are all working and on top of that Hermano Sanchez, the group leader, just bought a house and is repairing it. he hasn't been to a lesson or correlation or any meeting other that church with us in like 6 weeks. So the work is hard now, but that is never been a problem.

Easter sunday was great! It would have been even better if i didnt have to talk again! but it went alright. We texted the E-- family inviting them to church again but we didn't get a text back. It was a little into the meeting we were sitting up at the sacrament table and they walked in!! It was crazy, my stomach dropped! We were so happy and we both had the biggest smiles on our faces. The other missionaries told us they could just tell that we were happy they came. It was the best thing of the whole week. When a Family comes to church, especially a Hispanic family, you know that they are really interested and really want this. Most Hispanics only go to the Catholic church on Christmas and Easter. So we will have to see if they will come next week. We went to a lesson after that day and they said that they loved church! The mom and the daughter said that they wanted to be baptized! They set a date in July! that was terrible. its usually like 3 ish weeks. They thought that they had to read the whole Book of Mormon before they are baptized. When we cleared that up they said then it would for sure move up. WE are so excited for them and all the steps forward they are making.

This week we were walking around Mabton and there was a Mexican family out having a party. It was their day off so of course they were drinking. We stopped and talked for a little. They invited us in and wanted to feed us some carne esada. So we ate that. Haha they really wanted us to take a beer and get drunk with them but we decided on a soda. It was funny. They guy that was cooking was drunk and just singing as loud to the music that was playing. It was a crazy time. It was a lot of fun though. We had a pretty good conversation about the restoration with one of the older daughters though. She lives in Yakima and wanted the Restoration pamphlet. We hope that missionaries find her up there.

Planting kinda always goes on. We had a lesson with a family that lives on the hill, with all the farms. So its like a 30 minute drive up. We were talking about all the planting time and everything like that. Its pretty complex. but there is always something being planted or harvested, its just right now is the big push to get it started so its really busy. We do text scriptures and thoughts to our investigators some times. We do what we can.

8 months, thanks for reminding me. Its been great. One of the biggest things that i have learned is actually from the advice Brayden gave me before i came out. When i asked him i was ready for something that would just help right away and i would be blown away. but when he said it i was just like, ok i will try. He said, no matter what you do, go work hard and just be yourself. i was thinking well of course i am going to be myself, how would i not?   But i have seen a lot of missionaries and me at times, change and become kinda like a robot in a way. They are different people when they are sharing the gospel, even to how they speak and how their voice sounds. The way it all works best, is you have to show your personality and people have to see we are normal people and we love the things we share. I have grown so much from making this gospel a part of me, then sharing what i know because i love it. It was hard but it has been the biggest affect on my mission. So thanks Brayden for your advice! even if it seemed not like a lot of advice when i first heard it. It has changed me and my mission.

We are watching conference in the church here in Prosser. I dont know if it will be English or Spanish, so that will be fun.

Life back in Utah sounds fun! Easter is always a great time and even better with snow i am sure! Its been in the 60s so i kinda feel bad for you all. but at least you get that sun at times and you can have fun while it is there. I see the Easter Bunny got lazy and just put a bag of candy rapped in a bucket! but i guess it works. We got a bunch of candy and a cheese cake from The family we ate with for Easter. I love cheese cake! Its funny to see that Ali Brianne and Jaxsen are all the same height!

Thanks for the letter! i love you all! have a great week!

Elder Mortensen

Ps sorry no pictures. i dont have my cord for my camera. But thanks mom for your testimony. it always strengthens mine. I probably wouldn't be out here if it wasn't for you. i love you especially mom!!

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