Monday, March 21, 2016

We Are Just Praying For A Miracle


How are all of you doing!!  I am doing great! This was for sure another great week. We are doing a lot of walking around and knocking doors. Well, we always do but especially now! It is planting season so all the Hispanics are working around 15 hour days, 6 days a week. The only time that its worse for the Spanish workers is harvest season. Also their day off is their party and drinking day! its crazy how many parties are going on on the weekends. We found some good referrals for the English elders. They get a lot of referrals from us and the sisters because we dont do any English work. Its unusual for at the end of a week to have 1 maybe 2 referrals not contacted, but they have 16 now!  

We had a few lessons with the E-- family. They are still excited about it and they read a little and prayed but they didnt come to church! The problem is the 9 year old girl is almost done with her first communion in the catholic church, which is a long possess i guess, but she doesnt want to do that. She wants to come to our church! The mom and the member dad also want to come. But they have had what they call Godfathers to plan everything for them and buy dresses and all that, and they dont want to back out on him. They said because its so close they dont want to look bad if they back out. so that is the problem that we are facing with them. Their meeting they have to be to starts are 11:15 so right in the middle of our meetings. We are just praying for a miracle. i dont know what that miracle is, but we are praying for it. We are still going over often because they love the message that we have to share. They fed us this food thats called Mole. its this chocolate sauce with a ton of spices in it and it was on eggs. spicy chocolate sauce on eggs, probably the weirdest and worst thing that i have eaten here. I tried to get in down with Fanta, but spicy Fanta dosnt taste very good either. That was fun. They had some fruit after so that was good. We are excited for them.

We are still teaching E-- and M--. They work a lot and she also goes to school so its hard to find time. But this week we found E-- home. they haven't been reading the Book of Mormon so we started that with him. He said he liked it so far and we hope that that will get him started into reading it more.   We did do service this week! 7 hours of it. There is this lady, she is a little crazy at least with her methods. We have helped her move like everything in her house and her 4 storage sheds about every week i have been here. I think i have moved everything about 3 times. We helped her set up a yard sale. We dont know how much money she made yet but she sold a lot of things. I also mowed her lawn. it was weird doing that again. One of the members has a friend that is getting too old that its hard for him to do a lot of his yard work, so we also went and did that for him. We fixed up his yard and garden. It was good. we are going back for both of them this week. It was a great week. not to busy, but it happens.

It sounds like a great time already starting the wedding planning!! Also you better make sure that that life size cut out is is taller then dad and Brayden because it has to be accurate. also i am still growing! i dont know if its up or out, but its still happening. everything else sounds like a lot of fun. But have a great week! i love you all!!

Elder Mortensen


 i hope i fooled you. sorry i dont have pictures for this week. but thanks for that quote. i really like that one

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