Monday, March 7, 2016

She Was Telling Us That Yesterday Was One Of The Best Nights In Her Life!

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Its great to know that every thing is going so good! This week was an awesome week. Actually just thinking about it, it is so important to endure to the end! even if that end is the of the week. This week the best and greatest blessings came on Saturday and Sunday! The whole week was great but we were not able to see a lot of success. We talked to a lot of people. That lead to sitting in a house while a couple bashed us! It was the craziest one i have had thats for sure. They were saying a ton of things about us and our church and how we are wrong and that we dont know Jesus. I was tired of it so when they decided to take a breath i bore my testimony of how i personally know Jesus Christ and asked if we could do anything for them real fast because we have to go. It some how lightened the mood and a little later we were joking with them and left. You have to love knocking doors! The two families that we found last week, the E-- and R-- families, were busy this week with planting getting started up on the farms so we couldn't catch them. We stopped by both of their houses on Sunday and the R-- family let us in. We didnt have much time so we saw how they were doing and invited them to the party that the Spanish group is doing this weekend. They said they might be able to come. That day, the reason we were so late going to the R-- families house is we felt that we should go and try to find a lady that said we could come back. We knocked her door the week before. Her husband was outside. we talked to him and said that his wife said that we could come back so he let us in. They were watching tv so if we didnt find them outside and let us in, i dont think that we would have got in. but we taught a lesson on the restoration. It went really good. The spirit was for sure there! They said they would both be baptized but the "husband" said i would love to but we are living in sin, we arent married. I thought only missionaries said that!! but we can plan a weeding also, its no problem. They both seem sincere and are reading the Book on Mormon now. They are two awesome new investigators we were blessed with.  The best part of this week was T--'s baptism!! it was such an awesome time to be there for. It was awesome to see how converted she became up to the point of her baptism. For her baptism she was kinda nervous. You can see it is the pictures before and after. I got the chance to baptize her. That was such a great experience. i was a little nervous before because i havent done it before, but when i saw how she was kinda scared i wasnt for some reason. it might have been because if i messed up she wouldn't even know!! But it was great! I did pull a blonde moment and forget to pack a extra dry shirt!! so i shook it off my best, rolled up the sleeves, put on my suit, and prayed really hard it wouldnt soak through.  Prayers are answered!! and i am lucky they do. No one noticed. When i told the other elders later They got a pretty good laugh! T-- after was so happy! The next day in Sacrament for her confirmation, she was telling us that yesterday was one of the best nights in her life! that she is so excited for her confirmation. During the confirmation is the first and only time i have seen her cry. She said she was so touched by the spirit. It was an awesome weekend!!

Its crazy Brayden is getting married!! i was just waiting for it to happen though. It sounds like the rest of the week wasnt quite as exciting as that, but its hard to beat. I wish i could have been there for the campout in the rain! that sounds fun. I bet Ali has scored higher then me on the ACT. so good job on that one. Its great to hear all the great things you all are doing. I love you all! thanks for the letters. have a great week!!

Elder Mortensen

The first with just the missionaries was before the baptism. She is for sure happier after! its awesome. The guy in the other one is her coworker that gave us the referral to go visit her! hes a great guy. They other missionaries are the leprechauns that we are living with for St. Patrick's day.

Elder Harward, Elder Mortensen, T--, the English Elders

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