Wednesday, March 16, 2016

It Was Powerful


i am not dead dont worry!! This week we got another chance to go to the Temple!! So Preparation day is today!! The temple this morning was great! the session was at 8 so at least i didnt have to get up any earlier. Elder Harward got up a little earlier at 5:45 to get the showers going. I love the temple here. its smaller but still feels just the same. Well one of the best things of this week was M-- got baptized!! the other elders got here at the right time. All they had to do was come teach the last 2 lessons and plan the baptism. It worked good because we taught him almost everything they just had to do the work to plan it! just like T--'s. He got out of the font and was just so happy! he grabbed the closest person when he got out and gave him a hug. His suit got a little wet, but thats alright. His confirmation was great. He had a lot of his soon to be father and brothers in law there. We also had interviews with President Ware this week. We had to come up early and the interviews were going late so we were at the church for like 4 hours watching things on with the other missionaries. The interview was great. We talked a lot about accessing the power of the Atonement. President told me that that is what i need to be doing more and more because that is going to be how i become the person the Lord needs me to be. He just told i am doing great. 

Just to answer your questions, well we usually dont get bashed  very often. There is a lot of people that disagree and a lot of missionaries would bring it to that point, but you can usually stay away from it. The Spanish group party was awesome! We ate. they did a little church tour and i got to know everyone. it was at the same time as M--'s baptism so we weren't at the party the whole time but we still got the food! The E-- Family came!! they loved it!! it was great to get them to the church. They got to know some of the members, so that makes it even better so now we can bring members with us to the lessons with it not being weird for them.  They said that they were going to come to church. But they didnt!! we went over for another lesson that Sunday, and they just forgot to move their clocks an hour!! so that was lame but they have a lot desire. They were going to come to the baptism that happened yesterday, Tuesday, but they didnt so we went over with Hermana Sanchez. We had a really good lesson. it was about how the lord can strengthen us! that is what she really needed i know that for sure. Hermana had her crying! in a good way. it was powerful. also yes!! everyone works in the fields! probably around 90% of the Hispanics we talk to work in the field. They have soooo many workers and soooo many fields!
It was a great week! it went by way to fast! it sounds like everything back at home has been really fun! its good to see that you are all staying busy and doing the things you want. Especially a good week fro Brayden. That is all exciting. also yes i am keeping in contact with a bunch of people still.
Thanks for the letter and especially the quote!! i love you all a ton!!
PS.   yes i do have pictures!!

Our District at the Temple

M--'s Baptism

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