Tuesday, January 17, 2017

He Is Still Doing A Lot Of Studying And Has Started To Pray To Ask If It Is True


This was another pretty good week! It sounds like Las Vegas was fun! i dont really miss that place, but i do really miss playing soccer. It brings back good memories. There is for sure a lot of memories about soccer. Its good though, here most preparation days we play soccer and one of our Zone leaders is from lone peak and played soccer, so that makes it a ton of fun. 

This week was a cold week. It didnt snow much more, it came down really soft for 2 or 3 days. It was pretty cold though! There was one day the high was 10. But neither one of us is frozen, so i guess it worked out! We had a lot of finding time this week. There were a few new people we found to teach. Most of them are going to be passed to the YSA Elders. We are going to wait to pass it for a little to make sure that they are solid though. The YSA elders are in West Richland and about 15 minutes away. The new people are both really cool though. One of them was even raised in the church. This week it has been hard to find our investigators home again. With all the weird weather their work schedules get changed up so they dont really know when we can come by. We did have a few good lessons this week. We finally found T-- again! he is the one that read all the Book of Mormon in a few days. He is still doing a lot of studying and he has started to pray to ask if it is true. So there is a lot of hope for him. We had the high priest group leader with us, he was a lot of help for the most part. He started talking and you could tell that he usually teaches people that have a lot of knowledge. He was explaining something and was talking about the doctrine and covenants and the pearl of great price then church history. I dont know if we had a weird look on our faces or something, but he looked at us as was like, oh well i guess you dont really know about all of these things we are talking about. But after that he simpled it down and it ended up being really good.

This week we had interviews with president. They are always good to have. This next week i am going to have to do 3 interviews for baptism and there are two ten year olds and a nine year old. So i got some council on how to do that. i havent done it with little kids so it will be interesting. This next week tuesday we have temple preparation day, then Wednesday we have a world wide missionary broadcast, then Thursday we have a district council then three interviews for baptism. So it is going to be a really weird week. 

Not a ton happened this week but it was a really good one. This weeks goal is to find and teach all of our investigators that we have right now. It is going to be a good week. I am excited for it!

Have a good time being back in Lehi! i am sure the warm weather is nice, but it cant last forever. i hope soccer went good! Good luck with everything this next week! I love you all!

Elder Mortensen

Not much of a picture. But it is a cool view off our balcony.

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