Monday, January 9, 2017

I Kept Speaking And Really Just Trusting That I Would Be Guided. It Came Out So Clear


Its good to hear from you all again! this week was a crazy one. With all the snow everything kinda shut down. Even church got canceled! i have never even hear of anything like that happening! It wasnt even bad here. So Sunday we ended up not going to church so we had our studies and we got out of the house and started walking into town. We couldnt use our cars either. The whole mission wasnt using cars that day. right past our apartment there is a Catholic church. the parking lot is in a little bit of a hole. So what we ended up doing for the next while was pushing cars out of the Catholic church parking lot! It was crazy!  throughout the day there were 3 or 4 other times we pushed some cars out of the snow. There was a lady that for some reason she was going up this big hill and wasnt going anywhere at all. so for like 10 minutes we were pushing her car up this hill. Later that night when i was calling the sisters they said that they talked to the lady we pushed up a big hill. It was really cool to see that we were recognized as missionaries all bundled up and that she was very grateful for the help. She wasnt so much interested in learning right now, but it is for sure a way to plant a seed. there were many different people that we talked to that day that the sisters already talked to and the other way around too. It just makes me think about why God might have that happen and who he is going to prepare for the future missionaries that come along. 

Like i said there was a lot of snow this week and it was pretty cold. For sure reason it seems like when people see us outside in the snow they would rather not open there door much to let the heat out and stick their head out and tell us to go find somewhere warm rather then just move to the side and let us in somewhere warm. So we weren't able to teach too many people this week. But at least it was fun to see what they would say that after they tell us to find somewhere warm when we ask if we can come in their warm house! it didnt work this week. But it will eventually i am sure.  

We did have a super awesome lesson with J-- M--. He is the MMA fighter. We taught part of the restoration over again and really explained the reason of the Book of Mormon. He understands it all but is kinda stubborn about already having been baptized into the 7th day Adventist church. We are going to keep going over a little and see if his heart will soften. If not, we have taught him the things that he knows and one day he will come to know that these things are true. The Spirit was for sure there. after that he gave us some soup and hot chocolate before we went hiking in the snow again. Elder Stevens being from Alabama is not a big fan of hiking in the snow, or really a fan at all of snow! but he did good and didnt fall this week! that was all last week. But we have both been able to stay warm.

We had a funny lesson with J--. He is a less active guy. It was good though! He had some very big questions. He was searching for things that at times are hard to understand and when we understand a little its hard to take in. His question was why are we really here on this earth. We talked about the easy stuff and it wasnt enough for him. So we taught about physical and spiritual death and how they are both overcome by christ. As i was sharing it came out a lot clearer that my thoughts. I didnt really know where my thought were going. But as i kept speaking and really just trusting that i would be guided, it came out so so clear. He sat back in his chair and was just like, Wow. It hit him really hard. He said that it would have to think about that one more, but that it makes sense to him. It was really cool to see how it all happened but funny to see how it hit him. 

Well that is a nice little wrap up of the week. Sorry i its not everything. But, if it was it would take way to long to write and it it was that long there would no one that would read the whole thing anyways! But i hope i did good enough ;)

Its good to hear about the week. I like the little side desk Jaxsen made. i remember when i was in that class i threw together a little stool out of some scrap wood, got the grade and decided it wasnt going to hold me for very long so i think that one didnt come home. So good job! this one came home! I hope the winter isnt to bad down there. i hope this next week goes great for all of you and that you all have a blast being back in school!! Good luck with everything! i love you all!

Elder Mortensen

This was me loving the snow and Elder Stevens not loving it to much.

Also a peek into mission life. trying to not fall asleep in your night prayers, but if you do, its all good because you are of a soft surface!

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