Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Read the Book of Mormon, Pray and Come to Church...Your Testimony Will Be Strengthened As We Do It Will Real Intent


yes today we did go to the temple! it was great. The temple got a lot of missionaries going through it today. There are 3 different zones for today. Then tomorrow we have the missionary broadcast. It is going to be a crazy week. This last week was a pretty good one. It again was hard to find time with our investigators to teach a lesson, but we did talk to all of them a few times other than one couple. This last Saturday we went with the High priest group leader again to have a lesson with T--, the guy that read the Whole Book of Mormon. A few hours before we went over we texted him and asked him if we are still good to come over today. He said that he didn't see any point of it because he doesn't believe how we do. We asked him if we could still come over and talk another time. So we went over and talked about some of his concerns. We ended up us bearing our testimonies and we taught him again how to receive an answer. He hasn't come to church and we invited him to come again. We told him that that is the way that he is going to come to know if its true or not. We told him that if he has any questions or would like us to come back that he could give us a call. We hope that he will keep reading and come to church like we invited him to do. But we ended up having to drop him. One couple we are teaching, R-- and L--, they are super awesome. They both grew up here and know some members. They have 3 young kids and want to raise them in a church. He works for a rail road more than an hour away and the weather has been changing his hours and making them all weird. So he is really hard to find. But they are both reading in the Book of Mormon! they also wanted all the pamphlets so they could read them and so it would help them make more sense of what they read in the Book of Mormon. Another couple R-- and B--, they have also been busy with the same problem of their work schedule changing due to the weather. They also had to buy a new car because he wrecked his truck. He has read a little in the Book of Mormon and we just saw her a few days ago and she said that she would start it also. There is also a cool couple that we are trying to get in with again. Their names are A-- and K--. They just seem to have a light in them. they said that they have some questions.  So we hope to get in with them this Saturday. 

That is for sure the most part of who we have been teaching. It was kinda cool yesterday we decided to have our first 2 hours of study then push language study and lunch back a few hours. Just so earlier in the morning we could get out there and work. We found a super cool Spanish family. They have the Book of Mormon and have read a little in it. We are going back and they want us to read with them in the Book of Mormon. they live close to the church and said they wanted to go to it sometime. So that was a miracle! 

Something that made an impression on my mind again was how simple it is for our investigators to come to know that this is the true church, even for us of how to stay strong in the church. We were planning and again, every person we are teaching as we thought about their needs it was always, Read the Book of Mormon, Pray and come to church. that all you need. As we do those things over and over again our testimonies will be strengthened as we do it will real intent. The trick is to help them all do that. Even to keep ourselves doing that. 

It has still been pretty cold. Its been up in the 30s this week and the 40s some days. So its been pretty nice. There is still a bit of snow and we keep getting some freezing rain so it puts a nice sheet of ice on the roads and over the snow. But, i have not fell on my back side yet! so that is good. There are some missionaries that do it everyday pretty much. 

Its cool to hear that there is finally snow in Lehi!! There are some members that have some family in Payson and they said the snow was crazy! It blew me away a little bit! but i am glad it finally came! I hope you all stay safe and warm! It sounds like a good week. Its good to hear there is still someone still playing soccer in the family! i hope you all have a great week this week in the snow! i love you all!!

Elder Mortensen

Elder Mortensen and Elder Stevens at the Temple

Tacos From a Taco Truck in Benton City

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