Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pay Special Attention To The Spirit That You Feel. Don't Forget That Feeling And Always Try To Live So It Can Always Be With You.

Hey mom!!!! 

oh ya and the rest of my family and i guess everyone kinda. i really do love you all. i didn't even have any idea of how much love i had for all of you until i had to leave at the airport. the next day was hard too. when i went to bed the only thing i could thing about is my family. it was great though. there isn't much better that i could have been thinking about. i am going to answer some of the questions. if there is any you want answered that i didn't just let me know.  but ya i walked through the security line and found myself comfortable to talk to strangers. i talked to one guy that was going to Denver for work with at and t. sorry i don't know really how to use this Mexican keyboard. but the lady i talked to served her mission in France and got home not to long ago. she was great to talk to because she told me she knew it was hard leaving and the mission will be hard, but it will be the best thing i have ever done. i am so excited to continue working hard on my mission. i walked through and waved to you all it was hard but i was just so excited. i waved and left. i got to my gate and there was like 30 elders and sisters there! it was so awesome. i went and introduced my self to them all and talked to a few of them. one that i talked to for a while ended up being in my districts being the district leader and he is already really good at Spanish. the best part is, he is my companion. his name is elder lauti from bountiful. that is a major blessing for me, especially with the Spanish. on the plane there was like 40 elders and 7 ish sisters. the seats were really close with most of the elders. i had a seat change to the 6th row not far behind first class.  i sat by my companion and 5 others from my district. there ended up being around 60 missionaries going in that day. crazy thing this week there is 200 leaving! this mtc is the second biggest in people, but by far the biggest in land. provo is 30 acres mexico is 90! its so awesome. this is a random spot to put it because i almost forgot it and am to lazy to find a good place but the first day was awesome. i had a little tour then went to lunch. i walk in and get in line. then elder Hill walked up and talked to me for a while. it was so great seeing a familiar face! then a little later elder Rowley showed up! it was so exciting to see him again. i see both of them almost everyday. especially elder Hill because he is in my branch.

the first day was the longest day i have ever had in my life! minutes would really feel like hours. there was tons of meeting and orientation. its been good though. all the elders said just make it to Sunday and you will be fine, the days after that fly. i didn't know how to believe them because the first days drug on and on. but it really did happen. Sunday was fast Sunday and that was an amazing experience. it was the best Sunday i have ever had. and testimony meeting with the branch was so awesome. if you don't stand up in the fist second after they are done speaking you wont be next. it truly is amazing. and of course i didnt have any problems knowing what to fast for. ever sense the first day i knew i needed help with Spanish. so thats what my fast was for and that was a great time. that day flew by between meeting devotionals and videos. i am going to send a picture of my journal that day so it doesn't take the whole letter.  but thanks for writing my i was so excited to see this. like it made my whole day and i have been beating everyone in volleyball and fusball and i love that. ping pong is great but there are some amazing kids that just kill me. 

one thing i was looking at is a quote from president Harold b lee. "the most important of the lords work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own home." this made me think about our names that i found in family search, but i want to write this to jaxsen. jaxsen i want you to go and get baptized for those names that i found.pay special attention to the spirit that you feel. dont forget that feeling and always try to live so it can always be with you. it is the most amazing thing that you can ever have.

and ali, sorry missed your birthday but i think i gave you the best present i could have, me leaving!! you are welcome. oh and you can have all those itunes gift card. you cant use them for crappy music! you will be fine though.

ok, mom and dad i have been thinking about both of you so much. i miss and love you both so much. in my setting apart blessing it says to look to my parents example when i have questions or don't know what so do. i have thought about you both lots and doing things as you would. like nephi, i have been of goodly parents. but lucky for me they are great. thanks for writing me. 

love Elder Mortensen

Elder Lauti and Elder Mortensen

Elder Mortensen and Elder Rowley

Elder Mortensen's District

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