Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Now I Know, All Is Well

Hey everyone!

this week has been great and super fast. this last week has honestly been faster then the first two days here. its so weird how time goes when you are here. ya my companion and I get a long really well. one of the biggest blessings for me is he is also super sarcastic. so that is good. i dont know how much our room mates like us though. But not really, they are part of our district and our district gets along better than like anyone else from what i can tell. we are always laughing and just having a great time. its cool we can have great times but then everyone can get serious and have an amazing spiritual time teaching, learning, studying or really any thing else we do. elder Hill's name is derin. i didn't know him super good but i hung out with him some talked to him a little. its just good to see a familiar face. i also saw skye mackentosh. for some reason i cant get it in my head that he changed his name to elder. i keep forgetting that with the people i know. 

yes the spanish... it is so hard but it has been really good for me. its the hardest thing i have ever done by far but i am learning to rely on the lord and do all that i can and all i am told. one of my teachers carlos told me that if i read the book of mormon in spanish next to the english one; and if i used the english one and the dictionary, that that would help me out. so i trusted him and had faith that it would help. ya i got through it super fast. i got through a whole 5 verses in first nephi only in thirty minutes!! it was so hard. it took so long. but after that studying and later that night as someone was praying in spanish, i found my self being able to understand better then i ever have. the first thought that came to my head was it was because of reading the spanish book of mormon and doing the best i could with all the effort i could.  it was a great blessing and i plan to keep doing that if i can ever find extra time. 

i cant thing of any more missionaries that are coming to mexico. i have recognized some sisters that graduated like last year. no I have not played soccer yet. i think i am today though. the food is pretty good. i guess i am lucky that i dont have a weak stomach because it is not doing so good inside alot of the elders, if you know what i mean. its a lot of mexican food with some mixed in american food. tuesdays on our p day ever dinner we get costco pizza. its the weirdest thing here. its great though. every lunch and dinner i have a salad, and every meal i have had a plate of fruit to go along with the main course.  i think there is like 800 missionaries or something here in the mtc. there was 200 that left the week before because of all the natives but this week there was like 60 missionaries that left.

thanks for the email about home. i lover hearing all about what is happening. i am jealous i didnt get to go to long lake again. that place was the best! my mission is starting to fly and it has been so great. oh ya p day we just do laundry them we have the rest of the day until dinner to do all we want. it is just messing around having a good break and having a great time. its been good for sure today. the ping pong championship that happened last week, i played the champion today and won!!! haha that made me so happy. it was funny how he pulled out his nice paddle and was all confident, then when i beat him he tossed it to his friend and went to play basketball. it was great​.

one cool thing that happened to me a few days ago was we were singing some hymns before a devotional and the song come come ye saints came up. when we were singing it i swear i could hear angles. it was the best singing i have heard the whole time i have been here. i am so glad that i am able to have such a strong testimony about all of that because of my church history trip. ya some times its a problem because i am a baby and i was crying like the whole song, but its all good. the last part of the song seemed to me that it was in english that said all is well all is well. that was an answer to all my prayers. i know that if i trust in the lord and do all i can to follow him, he will bless me and help me through everything. now i know, all is well. 

love Elder Mortensen

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