Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I Think Of The Missionaries In My District As Angels...Someone Sent From God To Help One Of His Children

Hello Family,

i still cant believe that i have been here for three weeks. i'm half way done of the mtc. its starting to really fly.but thanks for the prayers i have needed them. there was a really hard time this week, just not getting Spanish down as much as i wanted. i was just frustrated and down on my self i guess. i know prayers are answered, i really do. i prayed that i could be able to get help picking up my attitude and trying to just be more confident. i tried for my self just doing whatever i could do. then we all decided to pair up and help, then switch missionaries and they would help you study and memorize and learn the new grammar. that was an inspired thought that i felt was for me. it helped me not be down on my self. some of the missionaries, especially the sisters, just said things to me that really helped me out and is still helping me. i think of the missionaries in my district as angles. the bible dictionary says something like an angel is some one sent from god to help one of his children. i know that those angels and others are real. i love them all. ya i see all of my friends from home everyday. yesterday my district was out side of the store just sitting on the steps, then jordan and his companion came. his companion went into the store and i was able to talk to jordan for a while. its was great getting that time with one of my best friends. something else none of my friends back at home get, lucky me. but ya i don't know if i will ever call them elders at least right now, it doesn't work in my head. ya spanish is coming a long better. i know a lot more than i think. i just have to find some confidence. ya ping pong was way fun it was cool to win also. something about today is i got to just go shoot with a soccer ball for a little. i miss that. its just so awesome that i can still play some and hopefully through my mission. but something i learned is the missionaries from mexico like to stack the teams. because i was an american i was on the other team, but it was all good. i only hit a few people. but it was nice don't worry! they still flop even here though. ya and i know know for sure that even here missionaries from mexico don't know how to jump. i only hit one kid with my hip in the head though. so it was good. ya this is random but its ok, the hymns are just always really good here. especially when we sing god be with you til we meet again every sunday before the missionaries go to the field.

all that you have been up to sounds like a blast. its fun to see that you can actually have fun when i am not there. i didn't think that you could all do that. its probably not the same without your favorite child though. don't worry i will be back soon enough. it still scares me ali is driving. she is going to be one of those blondes that gets distracted by like a bird or something and just drive off the road. the guys haven't crashed but brianne did (note from Josh's mom...a deer ran into her :), so ali has to follow the pattern. but good luck with school and braydens marriage (another note from mom...Brayden isn't engaged!). thats one thing that i might be happy to miss. not that i don't like doing a ton of work and standing in the same place all day but its not the best. that last wedding i went to i think i went and found a dark room and took a nap on the floor.

but going with moms message. make sure you study a lot now. i still haven't had time to just study anything i want to. its always crazy and i have so much to study memorize and plan for. i also miss the temple. its weird not going. the last month i went to the temple at least once a week and now its just weird not going. but i do get to go to the open house of the mexico one here. that will be cool.

i was playing ultimate frizbee and this kid recognized my name. it ended up being tjs best friend. i don't know his first name but its elder smith, so that was pretty cool connection.

some thing that i learned is there is a quote that says "i say be one. if you are not, ye are not mine." the first thing i thought of was my family so make sure you are getting to be better friends and becoming one. " happiness in family life is most likely to be achieved when founded upon the teachings of the lord jesus christ" so if i could tell you to do anything. do that. build on the lord and he will bless you in every way. i love you all have a great week and a great life.

Love, elder mortensen

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