Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Spirit Was So Strong Even Though I Didn't Know What In The World They Were Saying


this week has been great. the best part of this week was today i went to the mexico city temple open house. it was a beautiful temple. i wish when i was back in utah that i took more advantage of the temples that were so close to me. we were talking in our district and some of them said their closest temple is like 3 hours away. its crazy to think that i had like 8 that close, or something like that. i loved being in the temple. it was the best thing. i just love temples, not much more to it. something cool about this temple is there are 5 temples in the world that the angle moroni is holding the plates and this is one of them. i dont know why it is like that, but there has to be some reason. 

thanks for that quote. (Note from mom.  Here is the quote:  "You'll never forget the feeling of satisfaction as you discover that through effort and determination you can do more than you thought possible."  it really did mean a lot to me. i always love hearing them. and i was just thinking that it is great practice in receiving revelation and an easy way to share your testimony. i know that the more you think about something and the more you pray about it, it means so much more to you and is a way to gain so much more strength. for me thats how spanish is, i dont understand much but when i hear it i feel so happy about it. today in the temple after watching the video in english we watched it in spanish and the spirit was so strong even though i didn't know what in the world they were saying.

ya soccer has been way fun. the missionaries from mexico were a little surprised because i am like the only american kid that can play soccer in this whole place. but we played volleyball with our district. it was funny, this kid was just messing around and trash talking but when we started playing i would keep hitting it to him. i spiked it at him and i hit him in the chest a couple of time. it was fun.

i think that it is actually really cool you hung out with my friends. it just made be happy when i read it and saw the pictures. dang!! school already started that so weird. i bet your pictures with all your new clothes on and backpack in front of the fake tree was fun. that was always the highlight for me. its so weird to think that ali is driving. i know you say she is a good driver but i dont know if i believe that one. she probably gets on and changes it before you send it. especially about the parking part.

ok so i have my own family funny. we were practicing teaching in spanish, i was a guy named frank with a drinking problem. the missionary who is teaching asked me how i was doing. i answered frank.  ya i felt a little stupid. i promise i am not that bad at spanish. is was just an off moment.

thanks for that quote. (Note from mom. This is the quote:  "Don’t give up, boy. Don’t you quit. … There is help and happiness ahead—a lot of it. … You keep your chin up. It will be all right in the end. Trust God and believe in good things to come.”  ---Elder Holland.  i will remember that. i wrote it down and have it all ready. i think it will be a lot of help for me. thanks for putting so much effort in finding something that can mean so much to me.

and mom!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! how old are you 24? i hope you have a good time back at home.

i love you tons

Elder Mortensen

Mexico City Temple
Elder Lauti and Elder Mortensen

Front Row:  Elders Stevens, Dinges, Freestone
Back Row:  Elders West, Mortensen, McGraw, Lauti, Owen
Elder Mortensen's District
I'm eating good.  A common question I get asked is: What is the weirdest food I
have eaten.  I have had some weird stuff.  I just can't tell you what it is.

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