Monday, October 5, 2015

Because of Jesus Christ All Things Are Made Possible

Hey Everyone!

Time has gone by so fast i cant even believe that i have been gone for more than 2 months. its great but its just so weird. thanks for everything your always write. i always enjoy hearing about everything. life in lehi sounds like a ton of fun.  i didn't know you got a new car? did you sell the suburban? it looks nice. conference this week end was honestly SO amazing! i loved it so much. sadly none of our investigators were able to come but at least that meant that we got to watch it in English! i was pretty happy for that. my Spanish is getting lots better thats for sure.  i would have not got the same things out of the talks i dont think. i had so many of my prayers answered. i was praying about how i can teach more effectively and have more of a knowledge on what i would teach. the talk about ponderizing really stood out to me. As i thought about it more i decided that i was going to start doing this. My verse is 2 Nephi 33:6. it says "I glory in plainness; I glory in truth; I glory in my Jesus, for he hath redeemed my soul from hell" this answered both my questions. he taught that doing this we will learn about the scriptures and become better at knowing them. then as i look through my scriptures this scripture was another answer. i have been thinking about how to teach with more power and help more people. I learned that i need to teach with plainness and truth. I need to help others know that Jesus has suffered all things for them. because of Jesus Christ, all things are made possible. i loved this specific answer to my prayers. It strengthened my testimony in so many different ways.

my spanish. its getting better. when we are tracting we talk about half in spanish and half in english. i try to do everything in english and help with the spanish. That is helping me grow and get better. even in english it is not easy, but you see so many blessings from it. you find so many more people to teach and help. you also just feel better doing it because you know its the thing you need to do. when we are in the spanish lessons i can understand most of everything. there is always some words that i dont know. so that makes it kinda hard to follow it sometimes, but it is just getting better and better. i always pray in spanish and i think that is helping a lot. my companion says that every prayer i say they just get better and better so thats even more reason to pray continually and thats what i feel like it is. its so awesome.

this week we had an awesome lesson with H--. He is so amazing. we left him a chapter to read in the Book of Mormon about the doctrine of Christ. when we came back he read it and we really just talked about that. we had a member with us, Hermano C--, he is so amazing. he is willing to come out whenever he is home. He is permanently in a wheelchair but he doesnt let that stop him. he says he is thankful that his mental capacity is not effected. he has so much faith. that lesson went so well because of him. He said that he has already been baptized, but thats not a problem. we are talking about the priesthood next lesson.

a little bit more about conference is one thing that i dont think is fair at all. The first conference i am on a mission, Elder Holland talks about mothers! thats just not fair. i loved his talk though and i know it is so true. the closest love on this earth other then jesus is the love my mom has for me. thanks for always being so charitable. you set an amazing example for me. if i try to be anything like you i will turn out alright. going with that, my love that i have that is closest to charity is for you mom! i love you so  much. thanks for all the things you did to help me out all the way up until now. i know you still do so much for me. i love you for that and everything else.

Dad i love you to dont worry about that. i miss being with both of you guys all the time. One thing i thought was really cool is dad you are as smart as elder Bednar! at least in one thing. his talk was about the last words of prophets and how they are so amazing and powerful and important.  that is one thing i will never forget that you taught me about. thanks for always teaching me about everything especially this gospel. i look up to both of you for everything.

four amazing things this week were first the Hermiston harvests. i almost missed it but we still get to enjoy a little watermelon. it is so amazing here. second i was finally able to go to the dollar store and pay with a one dollar bill!! that was like a dream come true. it always bugged me how you needed more then a dollar. third is the first time this has ever worked in my life.  we were talking about investigators to go meet or referrals to contact, we were talking about these two guys named Juan. not even noticing we said "wait witch Juan" or which one". i died laughing because i would say that before but it never worked. it made me so happy yesterday!! fourth because my companion is still learning English he sometimes says things funny and this was the best thing said all week maybe. were were tracting on a cold night and he was like i dont like this. i was like what the cold and he said " ya it makes me have desires to have to go to the bathroom." ahh i dont know why it was so funny but i about died!!

this was just an amazing week. i love it out here. I love you all so much!!

Elder Mortensen

I loved the greenie package!  Thanks mom.

Just enjoying some watermelon!


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