Monday, October 26, 2015

Just Roll Up Your Sleeves And Go To Work For Christ

Hello Everyone!!! 

Being on the mission is great. the time just Keeps getting faster and faster. it seems like weekly planning happens like every other day! its weird.  even though it is 5 hours of planning, even that goes by fast. everything else is expected to go fast, so that is all flying. But life back at home sounds really fun. I dont know what more to say about that other that just love it. Something i am starting to figure out even more, i tried always, but it is you might as well love all of everyday, because in some way it is for your best. God gives us life everyday and that is enough to be grateful. The best times for me are the times that i can see the lords hand the most helping me and pushing me to become more of what he needs of me and what we should want from ourselves. President Ware told us in his email that the lord wants you off balanced or uncomfortable because that is when you will learn to trust him. When i read that i was just like,  yep! thats me with Spanish! He gave us some awesome advice to help. he said  just roll up our sleeves and GO TO WORK FOR CHRIST! so that's what i have to do. If you are wondering what my week this week is going to be like, just know its all going to  be working for Christ. President Ware is an amazing guy. when he ends his mission you better go meet him. its like around the corner from our house.

But with the giant zucchini the other elders in our house brought it to some members and they are making bread for us! its going to be a lot so we plan on eating a bunch but bringing some to our investigators. at least for J-- thats the least we can do. there hasnt been one time that we have been able to leave his house with out him giving us something. J-- has been doing really good. He came to church again! that was awesome. he has been reading some in the Book of Mormon and said he will read more and pray everyday. he is an awesome investigator. He is like in his 50's so hes pretty old.

We did meet with G-- again and talked about the restoration. it was super spiritual and we know that he is feeling the spirit which is the best thing that could be happening in the lessons. He was going to come to church but he had to work. that is one of the big problems here. lots of the companies run 24/7 so hours for a lot of the Hispanics, its just crazy. its always crazy when you have to leave a lesson at 8 at night because they need to get to work. he is doing good and we have a lot of hope for him.

One awesome time when i saw the lords hand was finding a new investigator J--. We were out of plans of people to visit so we just went down the roads knocking doors. we knocked on a bunch before that just talking to people, but no one was wanting to talk to us. we drove to another place to do some more knocking. we always say a prayer before we leave to try to consecrate our efforts to the lord. the first house we knocked on this big white guy without a shirt answers the door. it was just like, oh no. but he invited us in. luckily he went and found a shirt. We talked about the Book of Mormon and some of the restoration. he seemed so interested and he really wanted to learn more. he was just one of those people that you want to have to be able to teach. But he was white so we were thinking we were going to just have to give him to the other elders. but he was telling us some stories and a trip to Mexico came up, so we were just like hoping his wife was Mexican. and it turns out she is!! and they both speak Spanish!! so that means that they are our investigators!! its was awesome. i am super excited to be able to teach them.see its the little things that matter.

Being on the mission you see the lords hand is so many things. even before the mission i saw it more that i realized. It is so amazing how much he really does for us. i know that every little happy moment is because of the lord. It is how i am able to have faith to keep doing all the work that i can. i really love this mission. I love you all as well. keep up all the good things you all have been doing and look for more to always do.  Love you all!!

Elder Mortensen

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