Monday, October 12, 2015

Obedience Is Important And Brings Miracle

Hey everyone!!

Life here is so great! It just keeps getting better and better. This week some of the coolest things were lessons with J-- and also the one with Y-- and K--. J-- is a referral we received from the zone leaders. The first time we went over there he was just really happy to see us. He brought us in to his tiny house. He works in the fields but he is like 50 so his body is really beat up. But he is the nicest guy. He pretty much tried to give us everything that he had in his fridge! but we only took water. we taught about the restoration and there was an awesome spirit there. We invited him to be baptized. He accepted! He is on date for the 7th of November, so we are working hard to help him be ready.  He came to church. After every meeting he would just say that that was beautiful. its amazing to see how prepared people came be. We were walking through the church and my companion was a little bit ahead of us and J-- stopped to look at the picture of Moroni hiding the plates. It was hard because he only speaks Spanish, but i was able to share a little with him of what it was and what was happening. it was awesome to have him come. we also went back to visit him that week and he had a friend, M--, over. We talked to them for a little. He was also really nice. we had a good lesson and he committed to baptism. We didn't get a date for him yet but we plan on the 7th also. With Y-- and K--. Y-- is a less active member and hasn't been to church for like 3 years. She would always have an excuse. we had a Awesome lesson, probably our best one yet, the spirit was so strong. We committed her to come to church and she came!! with her 9 year old daughter, K--. we have been teaching her with hopes of baptism. Her mom wants her to be older when she does but we think it is because of doubts that her mom has about the church. That is what the last lesson was about. All these people coming to church made the day amazing! it was good to finally see a little more results to our hard work.

We use hermano c-- some but not a lot. we need to get better at using him because it is so important to always have them. To let you know alittle about this mission the worst part is called a tiwi! it is in the cars and it moniters your driving. you have to make sure you dont go over the speed limit by very much or it will call you out. "check your speed" its so great. you have to sign in every morning and if you dont you get a no driver warning and it sends it to saltlake and the vehicle coordinator gets a email from them. its funny after that, then Elder laffiteau gets a nice voice mail getting chastised. haha its funny. we have to sign in and out every time we get in the car so that takes for ever. and ours is almost broken and takes forever. we will drive down the road because its not on then slam on the brakes so we dont get a no driver. not going to lie it makes it entertaining. one thing that is special to our mission i think is we cant wear any logos. it distracts us and pulls our minds from the work. so its funny to see all the missionaries on preparation day wearing thiee shirts inside out. we were joking how we might accidentally make it a new style up here. We also cant call preparation day Pday. i dont now why but obedience is important and brings miracles, and we need all that we can get. President ware says its good to see this mission doesnt need any big changes. we Just have to now modify all the small things to consecrate us as missionaries. all the missionaries are hoping this is preperation to soon receive ipads. i dont know but that would be so helpful.

Life in lehi sounds great though. soccer especially! that is awesome good job you two! even though it wasn't a busy week enjoy them while you have them. because they always seem to disappear. but ali's hike picture was awesome. it reminded me on a sun set yesterday. it was the coolest one i have ever seen! it covered like half the sky! it was the biggest i have ever seen. to bad we were tracting and didnt have a camera. i dont know why its always the girls in our family that get stranded in the dark and have to get saved. but thats a fun story for sure.

i dont think that it is fair you are all going the the Philippines though! its alright, you will take me somewhere cool when i get home. thanks!

with the coat i dont know if i need it. it might get cold but i have no idea. i have that one small one that i havnt needed yet. but just whatever you two think. I hope life back home and wherever you all are is always great. love you all!
Elder Mortensen

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