Monday, October 19, 2015

There Is No Growth In The Comfort Zone And No Comfort in the Growth Zone


wow it sounds like you all had a super busy week. Thats always good i guess.  California sounded fun though, thats one thing that i havent done for a while. The best part sounds like going to the two temples! that would be so cool. I miss the temple so much. i didnt realize how much i didnt take advantage of it until i was not about to go whenever i wanted. But i am Glad that we get to go every other transfer to the temple in Kennewick. Transfers are this week too! Good to know that i am safe staying here in Hermiston. but my district got destroyed. We have 4 companionship and we are the only one that is not changing. 3 of the 4 are training also. the Hermanas are getting split up as well the district leader and both of them are training. the Hermana that is leaving was in my MTC district and the District leader is going to be a zone leader. the only normal companionship are getting doubled out. So its all kinda weird. that will be this Wednesday.

This week has been awesome for me. We have been doing a lot of tracting, like always. its hard but its one of the things that i really like actually. you meet a lot of weird and funny people that you just walk away laughing. once we were talking to this older couple. they were working in there garden. they didnt let us help that was to bad. but they said that they wanted to learn more about the Book of Mormon! That was awesome, we got to explain a little bit about it. some how the old lady started telling us how she isnt very strong and yesterday she got stuck halfway up and down her outside stairs. (there is only  like 3) so she was there for like an hour. she also said that the day before she was walking up them and here foot slipped and she fell into the little pond. she couldnt get out and was there for like 2 hours. haha i was trying so hard not to laugh. she was funny about it so it was alright.  i feel like they liked us because we left there with 2 massive zucchinis! It was hard to tract after that, thats for sure.

We had a referral but he wasnt interested but his brother in-law that was living with him was. We taught some lessons with him about the plan on salvation. his mom and brother died not to long ago. i cant believe how that is. it would be so hard, especially not knowing anything about life after death. His name in G-- and has been really receptive.
We are still teaching J-- T--, our ondate, and that has been good. He came to a baptism and would just say that is beautiful. he is an amazing guy. The lessons have been going good and we never leave his house without something in hand. its kinda funny. the Hispanic people are like the Nicest people ever.  i just wish i could talk more with them. My spanish is getting so much better though. President ware teaches us that if we are conferrable we need to repent and do something different. there is no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone. even though thats not always fun for me, that is how i have been trying to work. it is the only we us missionaries will be able to keep up with the quickened pace of the lords work.

A cool experience is i dont know if you remember but we were teaching a little crazy kid J-- G-- but we gave him to the ward because he is 8. but he got baptized!! it was awesome! we went to his baptism and i was able to confirm him. that is an amazing experience to use the priesthood. it was awesome.

Well this is pretty much my week. thanks for writing the great letter. Remember you are all always in my prayers. Love ya all!

Elder Mortensen

Elder Mortensen, J-- G-- (newly baptized member), Elder Laffiteau

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